Stop. Think. Invest.

Stop. Think. Invest.

Stop. Think. Invest.
A Behavioral Finance Framework for Optimizing Investment Portfolios
Published by McGraw Hill
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In an economy that’s more unpredictable than ever—the proven method for avoiding emotional mistakes that can wreak havoc on your portfolio returns


Applying powerful behavioral finance concepts, Stop. Think. Invest. provides a framework for identifying personal biases and avoiding mistakes that can cost them big profits.


Based on the author’s extensive research and 100 key behavioral finance concepts, this guide provides a winning 12-step process you can use to successfully manage your trading and investing for long-term success, including:


  • Begin the Initial Research into a New Stock
  • Create an Investment Thesis: Why Are You Buying the Stock?
  • Trade Timing and Size: When Are You Buying and How Much?
  • Make the Initial Purchase
  • Review of Trade: Round Up or Round Down
  • Test Your Original Investment Thesis


Stop. Think. Invest. reveals important information about behavioral finance flaws, such as anchoring, confirmation bias, recency bias, and loss aversion.


Unlike other such investing guides, Stop. Think. Invest. offers a fully organized and practical approach to applying behavioral finance to everyday investing.


PRAISE FOR MICHAEL BAILEY and Stop. Think. Invest.

“A balanced combination of intuitive story-telling and rigorous academic research make this book by Mike Bailey worthwhile reading for both professional and serious non-professional investors. All investors will benefit from Mike’s coaching tips and revelations about behavioral missteps on their journey to investing success.”

Bob Browne, CFA, Retired Chief Investment Officer, Northern Trust

“Stop.Think.Invest. helps reduce the emotional cost of investing by coupling years of professional stock picking with behavioral finance theory from Nobel laureates. Stop. Think. Read this book.”

Michael P. Krensavage, Founder, Krensavage Asset Management

“Mike Bailey has pushed the field of behavioral finance in exactly the direction it needed: practical application in pursuit of better investment results. Stop. Think. Invest. is a compelling read for anyone wanting to be a smarter investor.”

Brian Portnoy, Ph.D., CFA, Founder, Shaping Wealth

“Stop. Think. Invest. is a must-read for serious equity investors. Mike Bailey’s insights cogently bridge investing with psychology. And the durable concepts he shares, use of apt examples, and key takeaways are delivered to the reader with Mike’s distinctive talents for critical thinking and characteristically upbeat messaging. A marvelous read – enjoy this book and the returns it will bring you!”

Joseph F. Healy, CFA, Managing Director and Senior Equity Strategies Manager, Beacon Investment Advisory Services

“This is a great read for all investment analysts, portfolio managers, and anyone who is interested in investing.  Fantastic and practical behavioral tips are well written from a seasoned investment professional who has had decades of experience following various industries and leading investment teams.”

Xuying Chang, CFA, Senior Equity Analyst, Adams Fund

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